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Many people are familiar with metal braces for it has been present for years now. However, the general idea of people about orthodontic treatment is that it looks unappealing and uncomfortable. Knowing that patients wear it for years can add to the negative impression it gives. Sadly, the fact that it can effectively correct teeth positioning issues is sometimes disregarded.




There is more to orthodontics than what most people believe it to be. Thanks to the continuous advancements in this field, various choices are now available to cater to the needs and preferences of many. Get to know more about orthodontics and its options with the help of these facts we at The Smile Company Dental Care prepared.


Interesting Orthodontic Facts

Braces are for anyone at any age!

Contrary to what others believe, even adults can avail of orthodontics. Since no one is too old for oral complications like tooth decay and gum disease, measures to combat these problems can be availed at any age. Teeth straightening is one good way to avoid possible threats to overall oral health.

Even celebrities had their teeth straightened with orthodontics!

Envious of the smiles of celebrities in billboards, movies, or magazines? Do know that some actors are not born with a perfect set of teeth. They may also have dentistry to thank for it. Some of them are Emma Watson, Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Tom Cruise.

NASA has a contribution to orthodontics

The main mission of NASA is to explore space, aeronautics, and even do flight research. Who would know that they can help improve the oral health of many? It is thanks to the alloy they developed supposedly for space programs. The alloy, nickel titanium, is used as wires for braces which is highly flexible and elastic.

Not everything people hear about braces is the truth

Over the years, many information about braces has spread. Unfortunately, not everything should be believed. But one thing is for sure: orthodontics is ideal for anyone who has misalignments or malocclusions.

Orthodontics is essential

We at The Smile Company Dental Care understand the importance of having straight teeth. It is more than just having a beautiful smile; it also improves the oral health and psychological wellness of patients. So to make it possible for each of our patients to invest in the said treatment, we offer two options: Invisalign and Fastbraces.


Quick facts:

  • The aim of having straighter teeth can be traced back to Ancient Egypt.
  • Believe it or not, braces have been available for 300 years!
  • Aside from braces, retainers are also a vital part of orthodontics.
  • According to the American Association of Orthodontists, millions of people in the U.S are already using some form of orthodontics.


Ready to improve the look of your smile? Check out the available options we have for Orthodontics in Maryland Heights, MO like Invisalign and Fastbraces to get started! Call or visit us at 12300 Dorsett Rd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043.