Don’t Delay a Root Canal Therapy in Maryland Heights, MO

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A lot of worst things can happen if a person neglects a root canal treatment. The tendency of losing the affected tooth completely is there. The formation of an abscess which can lead to excruciating pain is expected. But above all, that specific patient who failed to seek a root canal therapy may end up experiencing body-related complications.

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Mending a root canal is a must since it is a serious issue. The Smile Company Dental Care offers root canal treatment in Maryland Heights, MO. We are here to save patients from the consequences of the said condition. Our team is always ready to help our patients counter their oral problems, including root canals. For people who have symptoms of a tooth infection, do not be afraid to ask our assistance.

What Are the Signs of a Root Canal?

Upon noticing these indications of an infected tooth, seek the dentist’s help right away:

Sensitive Teeth

Anyone can experience teeth sensitivity even if they do not have a tooth infection. The condition is common to those who underwent a teeth whitening treatment, and for people who have naturally sensitive teeth when exposed to hot or cold foods and beverages. However, a person may know that they have a root canal if their teeth sensitiveness became chronic already. Even without the presence of foods and drinks with high or cool temperatures, the tingling sensation is still there.

Inflamed Gums

A root canal is due to an infection located inside the tooth. Nevertheless, the other parts of the mouth may as well be affected when the tooth gets infected. The tissues that support the infected structure, the gums, may swell or become tender. They may also show a small bump.

An Excruciating Pain in the Tooth

Like teeth sensitivity, everyone can suffer from a toothache. But for those who need a root canal treatment, the kind of tooth pain that they are experiencing is different. They may notice the discomfort doubles when great pressure is applied on the painful tooth. When munching foods or biting, for example, the toothache heightens.

These are just a few signs of a root canal that everyone should watch out. For a better assessment, we suggest talking to a dental professional.

Delaying treatments for a root canal is a no-no. It might be a small infection, but it can impact the other parts of the body tremendously. Do not hesitate to visit our clinic at The Smile Company Dental Care. Once the need for a Root Canal Therapy in Maryland Heights, MO is determined, our dentist will perform the necessary procedure right away.