Everyday Foods that are Good for Your Teeth

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People do love to eat foods, who would not right? But be reminded that not all foods we eat every day are good for our body, even for our teeth. A healthy smile does not stop with brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups. There are still other factors that have a huge impact on our teeth’s nutrition for them to stay healthy.

Healthy Teeth

Here are some of the teeth friendly foods that can help you maintain good dental health:

  • Apples. Fruits like apples might be sweet, but they are also high in fiber and water. The crisp texture of crunchy fruits can help wipe away plaque-causing bacteria on your teeth. The chewing of an apple produces saliva in your mouth, which rinses away bacteria and food particles. Aside from that, it is high in vitamin C which is for healthy gums.
  • Cheese and milk. These dairy products are the most common foods that are good for your teeth. The calcium in cheese and the calcium and phosphates in milk and other dairy products help put back minerals your teeth might have lost due to other foods that subjects’ your mouths and lowered their risk of tooth decay.
  • Green and Black Tea. Both contain polyphenols that interact with plaque bacteria. These substances can kill and destroy bacteria to prevent them from growing or producing acid that might strike teeth. A cup of tea can be a source of fluoride that can help your teeth.
  • Carrots. These crunchy vegetables can keep your smile bright and your teeth healthy as they are rich in vitamin A. Eating raw carrots after eating your meal can increase saliva production that can reduce your risk of a cavity. Think of it as a vegetable toothbrush that naturally cleans your teeth.
  • Egg yolks, mushrooms, and salmon. These group of products contains vitamin D that helps your body absorb more calcium than needed got your teeth’s nutrition. These foods can help maintain healthy teeth.
  • Cucumbers. Cucumbers have a healthy dose of fiber, vitamin A, and is good also as an antioxidant. And they are also rich in potassium and vitamin K. Another benefit is that it contains 95 percent of water. You can replace unhealthy crackers with cucumber snack since it won’t stick to your teeth and at the same time, it can produce saliva that cleans your teeth naturally.

Make sure to maintain proper oral hygiene practice and eat these nutritious foods that can help your teeth get the vitamins and minerals it needs. With it, you will achieve good overall health as well as good overall dental health. Don’t forget your diet matters for healthy and cavity-free teeth.


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