Headgear Braces in Maryland Heights, MO

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Orthodontics is a particular branch of dentistry that aims to correct, align, and straighten the teeth and bites by fixing different irregularities such as crooked, chipped, or overcrowding. Usually, the dentist recommends the use of orthodontic braces as it is effective in treating various kinds of malocclusions from mild to extreme. However, there are cases where braces alone cannot completely move the teeth in its proper position. When this happens, the use of an orthodontic headgear is needed.

Headgear is a unique appliance that is composed of thick wires that are extended outside the mouth, with straps that are placed over the chin or behind the neck. It is expert in correcting excessive overbites and underbites and are mostly worn by children than adults. We at The Smile Company Dental Care provides quality and reliable headgears in Maryland Heights.


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There are three types of orthodontic headgears.

First, the Cervical Pull which consists of either a U-shaped or W-shaped wire, fitted into the bands at the back of the teeth. Often, it is being used to pull the teeth back for further movement.

Second, the High Pull headgear. Like cervical pull, it also has a wire attached to the brackets on the teeth. It helps drag the teeth or jaw upward, control the growth of the upper jaw, and treats open bites.

Third, the Reverse-Pull that specializes in fixing an underbite. It consists of two pads that are placed on the forehead and chin, which is connected by a vertical frame.

Headgear braces are not necessarily worn for 24 hours a day. Instead, patients may wear them for 12 to 16 hours a day depending on the type used. It means that patients, especially children, don’t have to carry wires of headgears with their mouth at school. Moreover, wearing them results in a lifetime of improved oral health and a beautiful, straight smile. After all, the burden that one will go through by wearing dental headgears will be paid off in the end.


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