Speedy Smile Enhancement With Fastbraces in Maryland Heights, MO

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There have been many advancements in Dentistry, in the past few years, a selection of treatments is developed to help the patients get favorable results from discreet and effective procedures without being anxious. Several treatments have been improved to cater each patient’s unique needs, and this includes the field of Orthodontics. From traditional braces that have unsightly metal brackets and archwires to a virtually invisible clear aligner; both can straighten teeth, but traditional braces’ treatment duration is not ideal for other people especially adults. With that in mind, a treatment has been developed to improve the teeth alignments more discreetly and faster with the help of Fastbraces, which is offered at The Smile Company Dental Care. By using advanced dental technology, Fastbraces helps improve the patients smile faster than other orthodontic treatments.


What is Fastbraces?

The typical treatment duration for traditional braces is roughly two years; the first year includes moving the Crowns (the visible part of the teeth) to the correct position while moving the Roots (the area under the gums) in the second year. Fastbraces is designed to move both the crowns and roots of the teeth at the same time which implies that the process of moving the teeth to its correct position begins from the first day of the treatment. The procedure does not pose any inconvenience since there is no need for adjustments, Fastbraces only uses a single orthodontic wire throughout the whole treatment duration that provides lesser friction reducing teeth pain.

Fastbraces uses triangular-shaped brackets and superelastic tooth-colored wires providing a hard to notice appearance which is ideal for adult patients who engages with other people on a daily basis. People usually feel self-conscious and lose confidence when they talk or eat with other people especially if they have any teeth issues. That is why patients want to get a more unnoticeable and faster treatment available for a beautiful smile.

Benefits of Fastbraces

  • Fastbraces provides a comfortable treatment even when providing faster results. It uses a very flexible wire that can move with the teeth without any adjustments compared to a rigid wire that needs to be tightened once the teeth have moved.
  • By using tooth-colored brackets and wires, Fastbraces provides a more pleasing appearance which is hard to notice unless focused on.
  • Fastbraces moves both the teeth crowns and roots cutting the treatment duration into few months instead of a couple of years from traditional braces treatment.

Bring out your best smile with Fastbraces in Maryland Heights, book your appointments with The Smile Company Dental Care! Call us to experience outstanding results to make your teeth naturally beautiful and healthy.