Top Ten Holiday Dental Tips

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The holiday season is here in beautiful St. Louis and we want to wish all of our dental patients a happy holiday season. No matter what you and your family celebrates at this time of year, be it a traditional Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule Tide or Festivus, The Smile Company wants you to be safe and enjoy spending time with your friends and family at this important time of year.

To help keep your smile bright and healthy during the busy holiday party-filled season, our dental care pros decided to put together 10 holiday dental healthcare tips to keep you and your teeth looking great through the season and into the new year!

  1. Dip into healthy veggies

At holiday events, try skipping the seemingly endless trays of Christmas cookies, brownies, and cake pops instead filling your plate with fruit or veggies first. Carrots and broccoli are great treats

for your teeth because they are loaded with Vitamin A which works to strength your teeth’s enamel.

  1. Take more turkey

Thanksgiving means turkey, and turkey is great for your ivories. Turkey is a great source of protein which can help keep your teeth strong and healthy.


  1. Watch the wine

If you enjoy red wine to celebrate the holidays with, be mindful of how it can stain teeth. White wine is less of a risk to your pearly whites. If you do drink red, make sure to brush well that evening before bed.


  1. Don’t use teeth as a tool

During the busy holidays, it can be tempting to use your teeth to break open packages or cut through tape or other harder to open packaging. Don’t do this! Using your teeth as a tool can cause chips and breaks to your teeth. Keep a handy pair of scissors or utility knife around to use for safely opening packages instead.


  1. Chomp on cheeses

At holiday parties, opt for cheese to snack on over other sugary sweets. Cheese can help to neutralize the acid that’s in those festive (and boozy) holiday beverages and the calcium in cheese is beneficial for your tooth health as well.


  1. Honor appointments

Skipping your scheduled dental exams for the year could get you on the “naughty list”. It’s better to catch problems now instead of pushing them off for until the new year.


  1. Stay away from soda

It’s almost too easy to indulge in soda when you’re at holiday parties. Craving something bubbly? Try carbonated water instead. La Croix or Perrier can be a satisfying treat that won’t wreak havoc in your oral health.


  1. Stuff stockings with care

Christmas stockings are often filled with sugary treats that can cause your kids to get cavities. This year, try eliminating candy altogether and getting creative with your stocking stuffers. Small toys, nail polish, novelty socks, ear buds, bath & body products, or fun accessories are all great alternative to a stocking full of sugary candy bars and lollies.

  1. Drink from the tap

This one is easy. Tap water contains fluoride which works to reverse damage to enamel caused by harmful acids. You can even alternate tap water between holiday drinks to help you stay on top of tip #6.

  1. Forego the grazing

Grazing all day during holiday entertaining can put your teeth at greater risk for problems later on down the road. Instead of leaving food out to nosh on, only put out food at mealtimes and then stash the food away in-between holiday meals.