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As Halloween is fast approaching, children too are getting excited. It is the time of the year they are waiting for! The time for sweet and tasty sugary treats for them to enjoy. But while kids love it, parents worry much about their child’s dental health; the same goes with the dentist.

Parents can do more than just brushing their little one’s teeth to reduce tooth decay. The foods that kids consume play a vital role in maintaining the overall oral health too. Studies reported that eating foods with high sugar content increases the chance of acquiring tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth convert the sugar into acid, which in turn attacks and erodes the tooth enamel resulting in dental caries. It can be said then that when kids eat more sugary foods, more acids are produced by bacteria. On the other hand, lesser consumption of sugar treats reduces the production of acids in the mouth, therefore lessening the chances of tooth decay.


Little girl in the dental office


We, at The Smile Company Dental Care want to let kids and parents have fun, not just during Halloween, but throughout the year and enjoy treats without having to think about cavities and tooth decay. We listed down some healthy treats stage moms and dads can prepare for their kids.


Though too common, sandwiches can be of great help in maintaining the child’s oral health. It is even better when the sandwich is cut into fun shapes like animals, shapes, and numbers! Children might enjoy kid-friendly sandwiches such as ham and cheese, or cheese and cucumber.

Cheese Cubes

It is a rich source of calcium and aids in neutralizing the acid inside the mouth. Cheese can be incorporated into crackers, sandwiches, and ham.

Plain Yoghurt

It can be mixed with unsweetened fruit puree, or add either frozen or fresh fruits for flavor. Kids will surely love it!

Fruit Kebabs

Fruits are always the go-to resort of mommies out there. It is surely too healthy, but a plain fruit is too dull. Why not try fruit kebab? Imagine your kid eating a variety of fruits with different benefits, vitamins, and substance which are helpful in reducing the risk of tooth decay. Two of the most loved fruits by children are strawberries and apples. Never forget to include these two.


Make your kid’s breakfast fun and healthy as they dip wheat bread into a soft-boiled egg.


It would never be complete without milk, a great source of calcium. It is essential for healthy bones and teeth too! Added with some frozen strawberries to make a smoothie would be even better.

May it be Halloween or not, parents should never neglect the effects of what the children eat to their teeth. Healthy snacks, proper dental hygiene, and regular checkups to the dentist are the key to healthier oral health. However, if parents were not able to do so, and notice tooth decay or dental caries into their children’s teeth, make sure to visit us at The Smile Company Dental Care for our different Pediatric Dentistry services. We also counsel parents on proper nutrition and provide guidance on various childhood habits.


The Smile Company Dental Care genuinely care for you and your child’s teeth and oral health. Contact us to book an appointment for your child’s Pediatric Dentistry needs in Maryland Heights, MO.