What To Include In Your Oral Care Travel Kit – Maryland Heights, MO

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A healthy, fresh smile starts with a clean mouth and teeth. Keeping proper oral hygiene is the number one factor that contributes to the maintenance of the dental health. Oral practices such as regular brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing ensure that the mouth, teeth, and gums are free of plaque that might cause bacteria, leading to more serious oral problems. Practicing proper oral hygiene is for everybody. It must start from early childhood to adulthood.

We at The Smile Company Dental Care is passionate in giving our patients the best General Dentistry services that they deserve. While brushing and flossing can do a big help for the teeth, it is simply not enough. Visiting the dentist for dental appointments is necessary for keeping the overall oral health. During the patient’s visit for a general dentistry appointment, different treatments are provided for the patients depending on their needs.


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Whether at home or away from home, there is no excuse to take oral care routine for granted. Bringing an oral care kit when traveling or even out for work is as important as keeping a skincare kit. To prepare an oral care kit, here are things that need to be included:

Bottled Water. Since most of the water in the United States contains fluoride, sipping or swishing water can help fights cavities and remove food debris. Water gives mouth hydration that allows saliva to work effectively in the mouth. A bottle of water is also needed as a rinse when brushing when faucets are not available in the place especially when traveling.

Small kit or purse. This will serve as the storehouse for all the oral care essentials. Opt for a transparent bag or purse material to quickly browse the product.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste. Choosing a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste will save space to the kit. Make sure that the toothbrush has a hygienic cap to protect the bristles.

Floss. Floss is the immediate way of getting rid of the food stuck in between the spaces of the mouth. Since floss comes with a pocket-size dispenser, it is ideal for traveling. Today, flosses have different flavors to upgrade one’s flossing experience.

Tongue Scraper. It is a small little tool used to clean the tongues to get rid of bad breath. When scraping the bacteria on the tongue, make sure to be gentle and rinse once done.

Mouthwash. A small bottle of mouthwash will help eliminates unnecessary food particles in the mouth. Mouth rinsing is one way of maintaining a fresher breath throughout the day.


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